Posted: June 29, 2014 in TUGAS KULIAH GUNDAR


1). Man: I need some shampoo for my hair.
Woman: All of the shampoo is in the back of the store on the third shelf.
Narrator: What will the man probably do?
a. Walk out of the store
b. Buy the shampoo (b)
c. Come back later
d. Go to another store

2). Woman: Are you going to go to the ball game?
Man: You bet!
Narrator: What does the man mean?
a. He will place a wager on the ball game
b. He will definitely go to the ball game (b)
c. He likes to gamble
d. He does not like ball games

3). Man: How did the job interview go?
Woman: I could not have been more pleased.
Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. The interview went very well (a)
b. The woman did not like the interview
c. The interview was cancelled
d. The interview went terrible

4). Man: Do you mind if I turn on some music for a while?
Woman: No, I don’t mind.
Narrator: What does the woman mean?
a. Music will not bother her (a)
b. She hates listening to music
c. She wants to think harder
d. She does not have any music

5). Man: I thought I was supposed to perform the experiment in Room 45.
Woman: No. Ticket 45 is in Room 54.
Narrator: What will the man probably do?
a. Go to Room 54 (a)
b. Go to Room 45
c. Buy a ticket
d. Go home


Error Analysis

1).  US students would rather not attend night classes in the summer, but we often have to.
a. Us students
b. Would rather not attend
c. We
d. Have to (d)

2). Mary and her sister studied biology last year, and so does Jean.
a. Mary and her
b. studied
c. last year
d. So does Jean (d)

3). There’s a new Oriental restaurant in town, isn’t it?
a. A (a)
b. New
c. In town
d. Isn’t it

4). If you set in that position for too long, you may get a cramp in your leg.
a. Set
b. In that position
c. you may (c)
d. in your leg

5). It is most important that he speaks to the dean before leaving for his vacation.
a. He
b. Speaks (b)
c. The
d. Leaving


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